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Giant investment in new planing line

Andrewex Tvärskog Timber AB satsar 30 miljoner kronor på en ny hyvellinje.
Andrewex Tvärskog Timber AB is investing SEK 30 million in a new planing line.

Right now we are making the largest investment in Andrewex Tvärskog Timber AB’s history.

A brand new planing line will be commissioned in October 2023. The investment cost is estimated at SEK 30 million.

“This investment will create better profitability and better flexibility for our customers by enabling us to refine a larger volume of our production,” says CEO Thomas Gustafsson.

The board and the owner decided on the investment in May 2022, and now work is in full swing on the new planing line. Main suppliers are Almab and Mouldex.

“This huge investment shows that our owners believe in what we do and want to invest long-term in the production facility in Tvärskog,” says Thomas Gustafsson.

Den nya hyvellinjen kommer att driftsättas i oktober 2023.
The new planing line will be commissioned in October 2023.