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About us

Welcome to us at the sawmill Andrewex Tvärskog Timber AB.

We are located in Tvärskog, south of Kalmar. We have been operating here since 1934.

Today we produce 70,000 cubic meters of wooden products per year. What we produce can be divided into three categories:

  • Sawn timber
  • Planed wood
  • Finger jointed timber

We are most proud of our finger-jointed construction timber – a product that has been appreciated since 1976, when it was launched. Today, we are one of the largest suppliers of finger-jointed timber in the country.

In Sweden, our products are mainly delivered via timber traders to construction sites and industries.

But our products are also appreciated abroad. We export 85-90 percent of our production. Mainly our exports go to Europe, but we have recently also started sending our products across the Atlantic, to the USA.

We are located in the UK too

In 2022 we decided to open our UK subsidiary, Andrewex UK ltd, with a dedicated warehouse facility in the port of Sheerness, Kent. This operation will be up and running in early 2023.

Here you can read more about Andrewex UK.

Sustainable production

At Andrewex Tvärskog Timber AB, we take sustainability and environmental considerations very seriously. We work closely with all parties, from local forest owners to environmental accreditation organizations and logistics providers, to ensure a process that is sustainable and efficient and adds value to our customers.

You can read more about our sustainability and quality work here.

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